Saturday, March 8, 2008

Party Time!

This year London wanted to go to
to a party of her own.
I was kind of spying on her to see
if she would invite
After a minute or two, London noticed me
and I asked "can I go to
the party too "?London said that I
could go to the party,but
first,I had to get my dress on.

London wanted to bring her flag with her

because she thinks that

flags are for parties.

and, well,after that she wanted to go inside

because her hands were getting cold.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The 7th dance recital

In January,I had a dance recital.
My mom wanted to
take alot of pictures for my 7th
recital so far.

To bad we can't really get a good
look at most of the
pictures,but what is a dance recital
when there is no dancing?

We had alot of fun dancing with all

of the big girls during the


it's so sad that we have to wait until

our next recital in a couple of


Halloween excitement!

t'was the night before halloween,
and I must confess,
that we were carving pumpkins and
making a mess.

My pumkin's face turned out
pretty scary, it's true,

but I really like pirates,

don't you?