Thursday, April 10, 2008

Writing Contest for the Year

This year I was one of the writing
contest winners for the
year 2008.

I was in second place while my two other
friends,Payten in third place,and
my other friend Allison in first place.

I got an award and a 20 dollar gift card.

I hope I would get first place next year!!!


JaneH said...

You Go Girl...Second place, Thats great...I would like to read your paper. Did you get to pick a subject?

jen said...

good work, syd! why don't you post your writing so we can all read it?

BERRETT'S said...

awsome sidney im so proud for you i need to get a blog so we can share exiting things

p.s i won a writing contest in second grade to. great job

BERRETT'S said...

Super! You are a super kid!

Raychel said...

I'm so glad you won second place in the writing contest. I think you are the best writer I have ever know. Have you seen my blog? I tagged you.
best friends

OnGod'sErrand said...

Congratulations, Sydney! I'm really proud of you! What are you going to get with your gift certificate?

Ashers said...

Thats great! I wish I could win second place. all i ever get is a good job certifacate and a pencil. How boring is that???? again congrats and I will see you at church! Oh i almost forgot. In my next blog i will write about getting hallie sealed to us in the temple!