Saturday, May 24, 2008

School's out and summer's in!!!

On Friday,it was the last day of school.

We especially liked the talent show.

It was really fun....

I'm really going to miss Ms.Marolf!
Although it sounds fun,

it is sad at the same time.

We all sat around in a circle and Ms.Marolf gave

us presents and our report cards.

After school was over, we stopped by McDonalds
to get lunch and ice cream for a celebration.


OnGod'sErrand said...

McDonalds looks like a fun way to start your summer! Enjoy every minute of it.

sydney said...


JaneH said...

Schools out now, but I bet you have exciting things lined up for this summer. Hope you guys come up our way sometime this summer.

Justin said...

you're soooooooooo lucky school is out! have a wonderful summer!!!

Ashers said...

Man you must of had fun! My mom didnt do any thing speshal for me!We just ate dinner stayed up for a little and went to bed. I was lucky cause the boyds took me to school and they will agin! Love, Ashley